Here Are 5 Apps That You Must Download This Week

Every form of app market is stock full of good Android apps. This list grows bigger every second with the launch of each new application.

Sometimes, this can bevery confusing because it is not a rare occurrence for you to find several apps that perform the same functions and have practically the same features too.

The process of selecting one for your needs can thus be very confusing.You cannot simply close your eyes and select one from the list because thereis ten more thatcan perform the very same function.

There are experts out there whose job is to make your choice easier and more guided. They are very versed in the world of apps and their uses and they provide reviews in these apps.

Their reviews can go a long way in ensuring that the choice you make is the right one.

The mobile apps that appear in this article are as a resultof a due consultation process with an Android App Development Companyand an iPhone App Development Company.

Therefore, here are 5 mobile appsthat have to be downloaded and installed on your Android device this week:


Having money problems is a universal occurrence.At some point, everybody has had it. Most times, we get bailed out by family members, colleagues, orfriends.

That is the function of this app. All you have to do is sign up and start akickstartercampaignin which you specify the amount of the money you need and the specific uses you want to put the money to.

Then, people will consider lending you the requiredamount of money. Yes! It is that simple.


We usually fill our social media contacts list with people that we are familiarwith. Therefore the contents they offer and the posts they share are usually based on their own likes and not hours.

Butwhat ifyou can get a way of connecting with people who have similar interests as you?Affimityis the answer to such a question.

The primary function ofAffimityis to help you discover new peoplewho share identical interests and hobbies with you.

The app can do a location searchand suggest people living in your locality who have similar interests and likes as you do. Therefore,the content that appears on your social media feed is one that will be relevant to what you really want to see.


This Mobil app I particularly invaluable to people who are interested in picking up one or two good habits.

The app can act as a database for the things you input as your life goals. It then sets you a reminder everyday about these goalsat a specified time.This will help you achieve the goal at the set time.

If you are being honest with yourself by following theappstudiously,you will be able to enforce these good habits and thus increase in health, wealth, and wisdom.


The primary function of this app is to create a to do list for you and this will customarily contain all the tasks you have to get done before the end of the day.

There are thousands of to do lists on app storesbut Whiteboard has an edge over theother mobile apps.

It gives you the opportunity and ability to categorize and classify yourwork based on some established criteria of importance that now allows you to attend to them one after the other.

Also, the app has a function that allows the user to request for assistance when it is needed.

B612 By LINE

This mobile app gives you an awesome avenue to customize your pictures and also to get the very best out of the videos and pictures recorded on your device.

This application is one of the many products of LINEand it allows you to customize your pictures and videos.

It has been enjoying more widespread use among users in the digital world and it is increasinglybecoming more popular.

You have magic at your fingertips with this app.

You can download any of these wonderfulmobile apps from any app store that is compatible with your mobile device.

Then, you will be able to access any of the wonderful features that they offer and then, you willmake your life way easier.

Every one of the apps included in this list has been met with positive reviewsby users as well as the very credible sources that we consulted for research purposes on this article.

Therefore, download these applications today and get ready for a world of enjoyment!

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