About Us

New Age Aid is a tech consultancy service headquartered in the United Kingdoms.  

We currently have hundreds of technicians and developers in our employ. We also provide regular service to over fifty tech companies and startups around the world.  

We are also responsible for the publication of over ten magazines on tech subjects. We also have a presence on the blog sphere with a popular forum for tech enthusiasts around the world.  

New Age Aid was established in 1998 as Britain’s response to the rapid technological growth in the United States of America.  

New Age Aid was started as a purelyhardware and software manufacturing company but it underwent a philosophical change in 2002 with the establishment of the IBM branch in London.  

We have won several accolades based on our exceptional service delivery and our staff is comprised of top notch professionals.  

We believe in adopting creative solutions to technical and organizational problems. This is evident in the large number of clients we have serviced over the years and we have had all round positive comments.  

You can find out more information about our company by visiting our website. To retain our services, you can contact any of our branches worldwide and we will deliver top notch services to you.